Robert Bornn and Laura Worth

Robert BornnRobert Bornn first learned hand drumming in the 50s on the streets of New York City.  More recently he studied with San Francisco Bay Area teachers, including a number of Congolese and West-African master drummers.  He has been creating original percussion music for more than four decades and founded DIAJ (Drummers in a Jam) for Bay Area drummers and dancers in the early 90s. 

In 1997 Robert wrote, directed, and produced "Sweet California," an African-inspired performance of original and traditional music and dance, including his original ballet, "California Suite."  In 2001 he wrote, directed and produced "The World Is You," an original World Beat music and dance performance.  He is the founding director of DIAJ performing group and producer of the DIAJ CD, Pangaea: Old World New Visions. He wrote lyrics, directed, performed, and recorded with DIAJ.  He founded Big Deal Productions to record and produce the music of DIAJ.  Robert's original single, Djembe Djam (free, 1.5 MB, two minutes, mp3 download), is inspired by West African and Congolese rhythms. 

Robert is featured playing xylimba and ngoma on Ocean's Edge-Spirit's Journey, which he also directed, filmed, and produced.  He is currently recording xylimba, keesansi (kalimba), piano, and other instrumental music for his next film in the SeaDrift Media Productions' film series, Ebb and Flow, currently in post production.


Laura Worth played the recorder in the 70s for personal enjoyment and to entertain her friends.  In the early 90s she learned the basics of African-inspired hand drumming from San Francisco Bay Area teachers.  She cofounded DIAJ (Drummers in a Jam) with Robert Bornn to foster development of a local music community based on African-inspired music.  In 1998 she began improvising original melodies on the alto recorder for their DIAJ performing ensemble. 

Laura enjoys crafting opportunities to make music and performance opportunities with others who share her delight in the artistic process.  She performed in and co-produced the "Sweet California" ballet in 1997 and "The World Is You" World Beat music and fusion dance event in 2001.  She performed and recorded with DIAJ, including her featured performance on the DIAJ CD, Pangaea: Old World New Visions

For more than a decade Laura was also a principal actor in the San Francisco Bay Area's acting and improv ensemble group, Constance Wise Productions.

Laura is featured playing alto recorder on Ocean's Edge-Spirit's Journey with Robert Bornn, filmmaker and musician.  She is currently recording vocal and instrumental music for the next film in SeaDrift Media Productions' film series, Ebb and Flow, currently in post production (alto recorder, ngoma, and vocals). 


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